Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Meaning of "Hedge".....Its actually Simple

When you try internet search for various option strategies , the mostly or commonly used word is "Hedge" which has been portrayed as kind of 'Magic' which may not be true. I would say its a very overloaded term in trading universe.

To me hedge positions are just a delay for making the loss from Primary position. I usually tries to divide my trade in categories 1) Primary Trades and 2) Balancing Positions. The idea is very clear that you can not earn profit from second one in any situation.

I like the term "Balance" than 'Hedge' as I think asymmetrical balanced positions are always have higher probablity alpha than technically hedge positions. If you take positions near to primary then we can say it as more balanced than far positions to primary BUT, alpha probability is inversely proportional to this balanced options hence we need to carefully do balancing act and thats the KEY.

As always, I am trying to be very short and just my thoughts!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Automobile 'Driver' to "Operator"? Change to think!

Now a days, we are reading very much about automated features in cars or I would say an automobile but here I am more interested in self-driving cars - Word itself sounds amazing, right?

But to me, I think here we are changing the basic definitions of "Driver" to just an "Operator". With this change, we need to think about various parameters but most importantly "Control". Now we will be just a observer and computer programs or algorithms does the rest. Such technologies are well established in aerospace as 'fly-by-wire" but in automobile these are semi automatic implementations with humans in loop.

This looks very soon as the general phenomenon as algorithms are maturing to the safety level. 

Just my quick thoughts!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Innovative thinking? Does it need a restart?

I think we are in need of developing completely new technologies as extend-ability of present available and knows technologies has limitations. Also, I think extending anything is always comes with an challenge of retrofitting with existing infrastructure. This prevents to development of completely new products and ideas or theories.

If we can start with fresh mind (kind of overused term, but literal meaning here is without any predefined thought or related knowledge), then we can evaluate the problem in completely different way and will result into innovations where are never imaged. 

I think, now a days we have very quick access to information which keeps us on the thought of solving the problem with existing solution or our mind says that this is a common problem and solution will be available. I think that's the problem, if we start thinking as innovative solution towards the issue then I hope that we will definitely see the new world! in near future.

Just my thoughts! - Chandrajit.

Meaning of "Hedge".....Its actually Simple

When you try internet search for various option strategies , the mostly or commonly used word is "Hedge" which has been portrayed...